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Kranjska Gora is a winter tourist centre perfect for everyone. From families with small children, to even the most experienced skiers. Easy access and perfectly designed ski slopes here are magnets that keep drawing more visitors to Kranjska Gora every year.
Kranjska Gora is located at the northwest part of Slovenia – on the outskirts of Triglav National Park.
Ski slopes extend along the slope of Vitranc, past Podkoren and continue towards Planica (altitude: 800 – 1215 m). The area has thirteen tow-lifts and six chair lifts which will carry you to the top of the simple (10 km), medium (8 km) or demanding (2 km) ski slopes. The majority of our ski slopes can be covered by snow-making equipment as needed. For an especially memorable experience, many visitors partake in night skiing.
Experienced skiers always enjoy spending time at Podkoren on the competition ski slope where a World Cup Alpine Skiing competition is organized every year.
For beginners and younger skiers, there are tow-lifts named after the Vandot heroes – Kekec, Mojca, Rožle, Tinkara, Pehta and Bedanc.
Our youngest visitors can enjoy carefree skiing and entertainment on an enclosed part of the ski slope. This area comes complete with a skiing conveyor belt, gates and Vandot heroes.
Skis can also be rented at any of the village’s five rental shops.
For anyone just starting out, or those who would like to perfect their skills, there are many ski schools available.


Chairlift, Ski lift   Slope lenght (m) Capacity person / h Difficulty
PODKOREN 4 C     1400    1.203 difficult
VELIKA DOLINA 2 C 1400 873 easy and medium
KOLOVRAT S 500 933 easy
PEHTA S 620 1.000 easy
BEDANEC S 760 935 easy
RUTEČ S 800 900 difficult
ZELENCI S 400 900 difficult
BRSNINA S 460 500 easy
TINKARA S 330 650 easy
VITRANC I 4 C 1400 1.942 medium
KEKEC 4 C 730 2.016 easy
MOJCA I S 250 432 easy
MOJCA II S 500 900 easy
ROŽLE S 600 900 easy
DOLENČEV RUT 4 C 1200 2.400 easy and medium
PRESEKA S 900 900 easy
PLANICA S 300 290 easy
MARTULJEK S 650 847 easy
VITRANC II 1 C no track 420 /

Legend: C = chair lift, S = ski lift



In addition to the ski slopes there is also a snow park available where visitors can test their freestyle skiing or snowboarding skills.
Sledding and night-sledding takes place at the sledding run next to the Kekec chair lift. There is also a well-designed, enclosed and safe sledding run available to children.
Sledding is also possible in Krnica, Tamar, Gozd Martuljek, from Tromeja (three-border area) and on other sledding runs found in the surrounding hills.
Cross-country skiers can enjoy approx. 40 km of trails located from Mojstrana all to Rateče and Tamar. Some rental shops also offer cross-country skiing equipment rentals.
There’s plenty for non-skiers to enjoy as well. Visitors can simply walk across the beautiful winter landscape or go ice-skating on any of our artificial and natural skating rinks. Ice-skating equipment rentals are also widely available


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